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Summer School on

Sustainable Waste Management in Emerging Economies – under the special aspects of Climate Change and Marine Litter

July 24 – August 2, 2017 / Braunschweig, Germany

The focus of this year’s summer school is the discussion of problems in waste management in conjunction with climate change as well as marine litter and elaboration of tailored solutions for developing countries and emerging economies. Special emphasis is laid on sustainability aspects and how they can be reached. During the keynote session speakers will highlight basics and special aspects on waste management while paying attention to special application examples. In the following the participants are asked to present their research projects. Afterwards, the opportunity is given to deepen different topics while identifying special problems and working on possible solutions in small working groups. The results of the working groups will be presented and published in the workshop proceedings.

Student applicants are asked to submit extended summaries (upload and apply the template file below) of their presentations dealing with the abovementioned topic. Deviation from the template will not be accepted.

The contents of the presentations and extended summaries should include the following:

  • Introduction (Explanation of the context to the topics of the Summer School)
  • Problem description
  • Social, ecological, economical and environmental effects (state of the art / literature)
  • Suggestions for suitable solutions
  • Expected outcome of the summer school

Before you apply, please read the flyer carefully and keep the deadline mentioned in the flyer: Flyer Summer School TUBS

For extended abstract paper submission please  c a r e f u l l y  read and use the following template: Template_Extended Summary

The deadline for application has been expired!

Issues concerning your travel arrangement, tickets etc.  – please always contact: