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The review of the abstracts starts now. The accepted applicants will probably be notified in mid-April 2020.

Summer School on

Waste Management Concepts: Capacity Building, Energy, Marine Litter, Climate

13 – 18 July 2020 / Braunschweig, Germany


The summer school deals with waste management concepts, which are primarily aimed at capacity building, energy, and climate. All three aspects are closely linked to waste management, without which modern waste management is no longer conceivable.

During the summer school, participants should deal intensively with this issue and prepare for it with their application.


For the implementation and successful completion of the Summer School, participants are sought who have already acquired some knowledge of the different concepts of waste management technologies and strategies used in their countries. Applicants should mainly focus on existing waste management concepts that have energetic and climatic references. A written and a power point elaboration are required.

The management concepts can be of a diverse nature and range from the use of waste as a source of energy to the recycling of valuable materials, waste avoidance concepts and the climate-friendly disposal of waste.

The use of e-learning tools is also part of the summer school and shall contribute to capacity building.

After the presentations of the participants (the first two days), working groups are formed and the country profiles on waste management concepts are revised and then presented. The country profiles will be exchanged, i.e. revision and presentation of the country profile will be done by a group/person who did not originally apply with this country profile.

Key aspects of the Summer School:

  • Waste recycling
  • Waste and energy
  • Waste and climate

Target Audience:

The participants expected are preferably advanced master students, PhD-students, and post-docs who are interested in acquiring further knowledge and competence in waste management.

Number of Participants:

The number of participants is limited to 20.

Experts from industry and private institutions cannot be funded.

Student applicants are asked to submit extended abstracts and power point slides of their presentations dealing with the topic of the summer school. Please use the following template for extended abstracts and your power point presentation (deviations from the templates are not accepted!):


Power Point Template

Flyer_Summer School TUBS 2020

Apply here: