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Expert Workshop Fortaleza, Brazil / 4-6 November 2020

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The Latin American exceed-Swindon network organises an Expert Workshop on “New Technologies in Water and Waste Management” in November 2020 (4 – 6 Nov 2020).

This workshop is a small (max. 200 participants) but fine event with high-ranking keynote speakers and participants from science, research, practice, and politics.

Waste and wastewater treatment like recycling or reuse benefits from technological progress in other fields. With the right social and civic pressure, and wise investments from the private sector, all the people of the world will enjoy clean water and reliable water infrastructure, as well as proper waste management, thanks to affordable and efficient technologies.

But what we are still seeing is that around the globe, piles of waste are swelling to become gigantic mountain ranges. If concerted action is not taken, humanity will be producing 11 million tons of waste per day in 2100. The growing mountains of waste take a heavy toll, not only in economic terms, but also for the environment. In most emerging nations, the infrastructure for waste disposal is inadequate or simply non-existent. Unregulated storage, illegal dumping and open-air incineration create significant environmental pollution and pose serious health risks. Contamination of the soil, groundwater and surface water damages ecosystems. The inappropriate treatment and dumping of waste also has severe repercussions for the climate.

Water and waste management and recycling must be ramped up around the globe. Two aspects are key: waste avoidance and the recovery of water and of reusable materials. By fostering the reuse of wastewater and waste, the lead market for waste management and recycling, for example, has the potential to reduce inputs of primary raw materials and the burden on the environment associated with their extraction. The tremendous importance of waste avoidance and recycling is mirrored in the ideal of the full-cycle concept. This model of closed material cycles follows the principles seen in natural ecosystems that produce no waste, instead converting all materials into reusable resources.

Despite all the new and innovative technologies to be discussed here, it remains the consistent task to promote and expand existing technologies in developing countries, so that a reliable network of sewage and waste disposal exists and the necessary stable infrastructure is created. This requires a prioritisation of government action in the countries concerned, but also a rethinking in the majority society, which is concerned with the finite nature of water resources and the destruction of habitats and the environment.


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